Welcome to the Butterfly Ball, an independent charity established to raise money for the Prince's Trust

Our Vision


Butterfly Ball Events is a group of independent volunteers who came together to collaborate in order to organise an annual event titled, ‘The Butterfly Ball’, as well as other social functions with the aim of raising funds for The Prince’s Trust charity.  The Prince’s Trust is an ambitious and innovative organisation, constantly seeking new ways to provide better support to young people In this way the Group’s wide-ranging skills and experience is harnessed to helping disadvantaged young people to secure a better start in life.


As unpaid volunteers we seek to maximise the income, as well as minimising the costs, with the aim that 100% of what we raise goes to support the valuable work of The Prince’s Trust in Lancashire. We believe that this can be achieved primarily through sponsorship of our annual Butterfly Ball.  We also seek to raise the profile of The Prince’s Trust and promote its work with young people, to new and influential sponsors.  We also encourage employers to consider creating opportunities for young people who have attended Trust Programmes.


We set high standards and aim to produce prestigious events which people will remember.  We are a group of highly experienced individuals, successful in our different careers, and operate in a professional manner, with all key decisions and financial transactions recorded and with clear lines of accountability for the planning and delivery of events.  We value our integrity, and, as an independent body, we are able to exercise a high degree of flexibility in planning and executing events.

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